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Nesto films

Nesto film projects
Producer/assistant director

I collaborate with Portland based director Nesto as a producer and assistant director on film projects.


Chuck Prophet "Your Skin" music video
January 2017, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Director


"The video for 'Your Skin' is like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom meets Office Space meets Rosemary’s Baby." -Billboard

In January 2017, I worked as the assistant director for the music video for Chuck Prophet's "Your Skin", written and directed by Nesto, shot at Nvisionate Studios in LA.

I sourced set materials and built sets, managed cast, built elaborate rigging for the Arri Alexa cinematic camera, managed timelines and resources, shot set stills, and filled any other needed roles on this intense 2 day shoot. 


Tips to Avoid Falling
June 2016, Portland, OR
Line Producer

June of 2016, I worked as a line producer on a psychological short film, Tips to Avoid Falling, co-written and directed by Nesto
and co-written and produced by Gage Hamilton. 

The short film debuted at Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum as part of the Forest for the Trees Film Festival 2016. The film was selected for the Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2016.

My role on this small, independent set was multifaceted, and required a lot of diversity in problem solving. I acquired set materials and tools, designed and built sets, worked as the audio tech, and shot set photographs.